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Royal Watching for Inspiration


I’m always fascinated by the frenzy of following every movement or breath of famous folks.

Royal Watching has become quite the national and international pastime, and ramps up to a frenzy when the family members of Britain’s Queen get married or bring a new baby into the world.

We tune in or pick up the grocery store checkout line mags to assess (criticize?) dresses and clothes and baby pictures and pronouncements. Are we comparing ourselves? Fantasizing what it must be like to be royalty? Waiting for some weird schadenfreude moment when someone trips and falls?

I am Royal Watching right now for another reason—I’m looking for inspiration. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are in South Africa with their young son, Archie, touring and meeting folks and visiting some fantastic social good causes and NGOs.

That’s the kind of discovery travel I love.

Harry and Meghan have been heart-driven since before they were together, and at their wedding, this benevolence was made manifest with their request that gifts be made as donations to charities. Here is my first look to these particular royals for inspiration.

The Royal Wedding charities they listed were (click the links to find our more about each cause):

CHIVA (Children’s HIV Association), working to ensure young people living with HIV have the treatment and care, knowledge, understanding, skills, and wider support to live well and achieve their greatest potential.

Crisis, the UK’s national charity for homeless people helping people directly out of homelessness, working side-by-side in housing, employment, education, and advice services.

The Myna Mahila Foundation empowers women in the urban slums of Mumbai, India, employing women to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads back into their communities to improve menstrual hygiene, provide stable employment, and build a trusted network.


Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting children and young people who have lost a parent while serving in the Armed Forces.

Street Games uses sport to change lives for healthier, safer, more successful communities.

Surfers Against Sewage inspires communities to protect oceans, beaches, waves, and wildlife.

The Wilderness Foundation UK harnesses the power of the wilderness to transform vulnerable lives and empowers people to conserve nature.


In addition to those charities chosen by the Royal Couple for wedding gift support, they co-lead The Royal Foundation (alongside Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). This foundation has multiple initiatives in several areas: mental health and removing its stigma, conservation of endangered species and wildlands, military service & veteran support, programs for young people, early education, and empowering communities.

Vintage world map Africa

While they are in Africa they are visiting several projects, one I particularly sparked to, The Justice Desk, which operates in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, empowering local people to understand and defend their human rights in order to build safer communities for all. They educate and equip, train and advocate for youth and vulnerable groups for justice and equality.

Royal Wedding Charity Fund

Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton (now Duchess) had a little shindig a couple days ago–you may have heard. Not in any great need of toasters or matching napkin rings, the royal couple didn’t register at Crate & Barrel, but instead, they have a great idea for gifting. The Royal Wedding Charity Fund has been set up for well-wishers to donate in the couple’s behalf to assist charities that support five causes that William and Kate have chosen.

Their charitable priorities are:

*Support for Services Personnel and Their Families

*Children Fulfilling Their Potential

*Conservation for Future Generations

*Changing Lives Through Arts and Sport

*Help and Care at Home

100% of your donation goes to the causes chosen by the couple, and are managed by the The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry so there won’t be any overhead or administrative cost skimmed off the top of your donation.

I’m willing to bet one of these resonates with you as well…and a donation here doesn’t need to include a gift receipt so they can return it in case they already received one.

Icy Prince Harry for Veterans Charity

Prince Harry is trekking along on a segment of a charity hike to the North Pole to raise awareness and funds for a charity for wounded soldiers. It’s a 200-mile trudge through ice and frozen tundra to raise more than $3 million for Walking With the Wounded to help wounded ex-servicemen and women. Tents in sub-zero conditions, cross country skiing, plunging into freezing waters, and all of it being filmed by the frozen paparazzi…it’s all in a day’s work for the Prince, and probably easier than planning his brother’s bachelor party and keeping it on the QT for so long. The wounded walking with him will go all the way to the North Pole, and two amputees on the journey will be the first to ever get there. Some of the funds will also go to Help for Heroes to fund regional recovery centers that help returning wounded veterans assimilate into civilian life.

What grand gesture or sacrifice can you make for a cause you hold dear to your heart?