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50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps

Photo: Peace Corps-Sargent Shriver at refugee camp near Jericho

It’s the ultimate volunteer vacation—that is, if you can get two years off work for vacation.

With the recent passing of Sargent Shriver, the Peace Corps has been more top-of-mind for many. Today, March 1, is the 50th anniversary of that organization that does more for our international reputation and standing than rowboats full of politicians. Proclamations, and even sanctions or other government actions, mean very little to remote villagers struggling with daily survival…but the presence of Peace Corps volunteers who are digging wells and irrigating crops and building medical clinics and turning, if not water into wine, fallow fields into fertile…make a difference to the entire community. A half-century ago today, President Kennedy dared to dream of an America that could be selfless and of service to those who needed us most, and today, that dream continues to bring out the best, and shine a light on the best, of all of us.