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National Teacher Day

If you can read this, thank a teacher…today is National Teacher Dayteaching-the-only-profession-where, and more than delivering a shiny apple for the desk, this day is about truly recognizing the tireless work of our educators. Media ferrets out the bad news, but the most egregious problems with our education system are with lack of funding and not making learning a priority, NOT the people involved. Teachers are criminally undervalued in this society–it is inexcusable that so many have to do so much while being compensated and valued so little. I know lots of teachers, and every one of them spends their own money to enrich their classrooms since districts no longer pay for the most basic needs of creating a learning environment. Want an alphabet chart? Buy it yourself–the school won’t do that. Math teaching tools? Art supplies? A calendar for birthdays? A globe or world map? That funky, wavy, corrugated border stuff we always had around the edges of bulletin boards? Nope–not provided–you want it for your kids, you bring it in yourself.

It is shameful.

Find a teacher network to support, find a classroom to give your energy and time to enrich the school experience for kids. Find a teacher you loved online, maybe on facebook, and reach out to tell them they really made a difference in your life. Support Pencils of Promise and Donors Choose. Find a way to make learning better–we have it within us, we just don’t put enough energy there.

Giving Tuesday—It’s the Intangibles That Count

OK–we made it through Grey Thursday and all it’s attendant protests, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday…a somewhat treacherous (to your wallet) path, but today you have arrived at the pinnacle event: GIVING TUESDAY.

As a follow up to the rampant purchasing, today, Giving Tuesday, has been designated as a time to give to those less fortunate than yourself. It is a campaign to create a NATIONAL DAY OF GIVING at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations. We had our day for giving thanks, a few days for getting deals, now it’s a day for giving back. Big organizations are behind it, like the 92nd Street Y in NYC (the incubator of the idea), United Nations Foundation, United Way, Huffington Post, City of Hope, Charity Miles, DoSomething.orgPencils of Promise, American Red Cross, Kiva, Global Giving, and so many more. There are now more than 2,000 Giving Tuesday partners with special initiatives and projects tied to this day, so it is super easy for you to get involved. Choose your favorite cause and give: time, money, both (or a commitment to show up and volunteer soon)…then spread the word…be audacious and vocal about your good deeds, it will inspire others. Here is a whole list of ideas for ways individuals and families can get their giving on. JUMP IN!