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Ocean Blue

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…and we still want to be able to do the same in 2092.

Tomorrow, January 13, is “Wear Blue for the Oceans” day, so break out your cobalt, azure, navy, robin’s egg, cornflower, sapphire, turquoise, powder, denim, aquamarine, cerulean, indigo, sky, and any other blue clothes you’ve got to tell the administration that you support national policies that protect, maintain, and restore the oceans. The organization Ocean Champions (“the political voice for the oceans”) is staging public rallies in Washington DC, San Francisco, Honolulu, Cambridge, and New Orleans, so if you are nearby, stop in and show your literal support with a simple wardrobe choice.

Take a picture of you and your blue buddies, at a rally or at home or work, and send it in to the Wear Blue for the Oceans website so that everyone can see how much you care.

Remember, the goal is to motivate President Obama to issue an Executive Order creating a National Ocean Policy.  He’s getting pressure from anti-ocean interests, and this is your chance to show him that Americans truly care about the ocean.