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The Brave Collection: Give for a Cause

Been traveling so haven’t posted in a bit.

Today is, of course, the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy–a Cause for Pause is ever there was one. Without wading into the politics of gun control and the mental health system, please be sure to take a personal moment today to think about your relationship to families and community.


BravebraceletOn an entirely separate note—whether you’re still shopping for gifts this season, have already passed your big December gifting holiday, or just looking for something for yourself to kick off the new year, I just saw (Thanks to the always-amazing website of Somaly Mam, one of my favorite charities) The Brave Collection. It’s a line of jewelry made in Cambodia by artisans suffering from disabilities or from backgrounds of poverty. The design of the metal portion is the Khmer word for “BRAVE” and each piece is made and woven by hand. Proceeds from the sale of the pieces go to higher-than-average wages for the artists (most of them struggling mothers) and donations also go toward local organizations fighting against human trafficking. While giving to small community organizations and self-sustaining industries for artisans, it is a symbol of bravery–yours, theirs, ours.