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Chinese Threat to Afghan Buddhas

This is tragic (video presented by New York Times). You would think we would learn by now, but I guess we are still infants when it comes to common sense…

Women’s Equality Day

Today, August 26, in 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, giving women the right to vote. chrisann2

While the day has a nice ring to it: Women’s Equality Day, make no mistake—women still make less than men in the workplace even when doing the exact same job, and the disparity is far greater when we talk about women of color. Sure there are finally laws banning gender discrimination, but equality has not yet been reached.

So celebrate how far we’ve come, and look to the future. Then look far from home where women fight every day for education, freedom of speech, freedom from involuntary genital mutilation, and so many more freedoms we have been comfortable enough to take for granted. Find an organization that focuses on the rights of women, and get involved. There is so very much to be done.

Did you see the Sunday New York Times this past week? There is a harrowing account of girls in Afghanistan who were accosted and had acid sprayed in their faces simply because they were going to school. Girls seeking an education was far too great a threat and they have been scarred for life—for wanting to learn.

Equality? Ya think?

Adventure Philanthropy

rm_sidebarROAD MONKEY

A former New York Times Iraq war correspondent formed Road Monkey in 2008 as an alternative way to travel off the beaten path. His trips are adventure excursions (2009 offerings include biking through Vietnam with days of service work at an orphanage for children born with HIV, and climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro with project efforts to build a clean water system and do local school improvements) with a great get-your-hands-dirty service element built in. Travel groups are kept small and projects are in partnership with local community organizations so efforts and energy are not diluted through lots of middlemen. The founder, Paul von Zielbauer, leads each expedition personally and has a refreshing “We are explorers on a journey, not tourists on a schedule” philosophy. Participants are asked to fund-raise (US$500 tax deductible donations from your own social/work network) as a contribution for the community partner organizations in the destinations.

I would do his Tanzania ADVENTURE PHILANTHROPY trip in a heartbeat.

Shall we plan to meet there?