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Happy National Dog Day!

Today, August 26, is National Dog Day.

I am re-posting from 2010 when we adopted our perfect rescued companion, Cooper, from a shelter we love in Connecticut. Since then, we also adopted Finn, the big blond bruiser whose picture follows (also from the same Connecticut shelter–links below). They are the best wrestling-tumbling-chasing-did-I-mention-wrestling-love-buckets on the planet.

Shelter Dog

This weekend, we went and adopted our own magnificent Black Dog from the amazing volunteers at the Danbury Animal Welfare Society. DAWS is a non-profit (they could sure use your support/donations–easy to do at the link here), no kill shelter, and is truly run by the most loving, caring volunteers. They made every individual and family member who came over the weekend (and it was super busy–the first spring-like weekend of the year with warm weather and sunshine) feel that among the busy buzz, they were important and maybe the perfect home for one of their adult dogs or puppies.

Our boy, Cooper, is a 2-year-old lab/shepherd…and Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Scooby Doo, and Snoopy combined ain’t got nothing on him. He is brilliant, and has found his last, forever home…and has truly honored us by being part of our pack.

I promise you there is a shelter near you that needs volunteer help. It is unheard of to have too many volunteers and regulars tend to be spread awfully thin. Wouldn’t it be a brilliant way to spend a morning or afternoon, bringing families together?


Adopt, Don’t Shop: National Dog Day



Today, August 26, is National Dog Day (variously called International Dog Day and Dog Appreciation Day)–a day to commemorate our four-legged family members. There are some good news stories these days about dogs…for every tragedy of a van stolen with a beloved family dog who is left to die, or puppy mill atrocities, there are also positive strides being taken for canines. The White House recently announced its opposition to breed specific legislation–meaning they know, like all the experts know, that you cannot sensibly legislate against particular breeds. Pit Bulls are no more vicious than any other dog unless they are raised to be vicious. Historically, Pit Bulls (Staffordshire Terriers) are some of the most gentle, loyal, loving, family-suited dogs imaginable–called the “Nanny Dog” decades ago–this was the exact kind of dog you’d MOST want to leave alone with your children. As decades go, people generate new fears of specific breeds, then they pass on to the next. When I was a kid, everybody was alarmed if they saw a Doberman. German Shepherds were villainized for a long time. Rottweilers couldn’t be trusted and perhaps should have been eliminated according to sociologic illogic for a while (nevermind “Good Dog Carl”). C’mon, You can raise a lopey dopey Golden Retriever to fight to the death if you abuse it enough. Breeds are not vicious, owners and training methods, however, can be. Banning a particular breed in any city or town does nothing to solve the problem of vicious dog attacks, and I am relieved that the White House concurs–hopefully local towns with inappropriate ordinances like these will strike them from the books ASAP. Also, as the economy begins to turn a corner and households are, overall, in slightly less dire straits these days, more and more communities are seeing less abandoned dogs and fewer family pets surrendered to animal welfare societies–fewer folks are letting go of beloved animals due to not being able to afford to keep them. That, too, is good news.



We were the luckiest guys in the world when we adopted our two shelter dogs, Cooper and Finn, from DAWS (Danbury Animal Welfare Society) in Connecticut. This great group goes to communities, many in the south (our two boys were rescued from Kentucky and West Virginia) where there are overflowing, high-kill shelters, and brings adoptable dogs back to Connecticut and their no-kill facility…then does everything they can to support finding these terrific pups forever homes. There are fantastic pets in outstanding shelters in almost every community–please support them, volunteer with them, and obtain your next pet from them. Don’t shop, adopt.


National Dog Day

rescue dogToday, August 26, is National Dog Day.

It’s a day to love on your furry pals even more than usual, maybe adopt a shelter dog, make a donation to a shelter or spay/neuter clinic, bring a donation of toys or food to a strays and others facility, or donate to assistance and guide dog programs.

There’s been a lot of news lately about animals being rescued from the inhumane conditions at several puppy mills–can you offer a home?

The K-9 units of police and security dogs deserve applause, from drug sniffing to bomb detection to finding survivors in disaster zones, these pups work like crazy.

If there isn’t a set of ears to scratch at your feet, go out and find a good boy or good girl to slobber on you a little bit today.

Then have a look at this website for Paws With a Cause or others that focus on charity and support for canines.