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A Day of Service and Remembrance

9/11 Day of Service


Here we are again–another year and another September 11. The memories are still so close to the surface, the visuals in our minds still too, too fresh. In addition to remembering the attacks and the people lost (and remembering to tell people that you love them), there is a new way to commemorate this day.

Today is the first annual National Day of Service and Remembrance, with service projects in all 50 states. The day, officially proclaimed by congress and signed into being by the president, was generated by a non-profit organization made up of 9/11 survivors, family members, and friends. Thousands of organizations around the country are participating–surely one in your neighborhood–and even if not, reach out in a new way today, to honor those who were lost 9/11/2001.

You’ll never regret it, and the spirit of this day growing in a way to make communities stronger is, to my mind, the best testament to victims and first responders.

Thank you, for everything you do today, and 364 other days a year, for others.