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Mountains for Water—New Trip with Elevate Destinations

The severe, debilitating drought that struck Kenya at the end of the last century is still being felt, and causing suffering, today. Communities, livestock, and wild animals struggle for water, leading to entire communities—human and other animals—fighting dehydration and its attendant health issues. On example is the prevalence of trachoma, which can lead to painful blindness. A relatively simple reservoir system can make all the difference to people living in the area…and YOU can make all the difference by participating in this trip of a lifetime from Elevate Destinations.

You and your fellow intrepid travelers will climb Mount Kilimanjaro (I’ve been aching to do this for YEARS! I dream about Kili!) to raise funds and awareness. The money raised from this educational trip will build a rainwater reservoir for a rural community in Northern Kenya. This is a 7-day ascent of the highest free standing mountain in the world, on one of the most scenic routes, with the support of professional guides and support staff. Cross a huge entry off your bucket list, and make a lasting change for a community in need. Your efforts can literally save lives and certainly improve the health of the region. There are still a few slots left for this January journey.

I have traveled with this terrific company before (to volunteer in Haiti) and I can promise you I will travel with them again–I recommend them so highly. When you’re there, at the summit of Kili, tell the Mountain I hope to see it soon!

Summit on the Summit

We were just talking about climbing Mt Kilimanjaro at my house last night–a dream plan that is still on my list of things to do. It’s no wonder, then, that this project makes me jealous, but also inspired.

A group of young celebrities, including Emile Hirsch, Jessica Biel, Elizabeth Gore, Alexandra Cousteau, Lupe Fiasco, Kenna, and more, climbed Kili early in January to raise funds and awareness for safe drinking water programs around the world. The website for Summit on the Summit has about a zillion bells and whistles, but allowed us to follow along with each day’s progress up to the 19,340-foot top of the mountain. Video and blog posts recorded the upward progress, and numerous interactive portals gave information about the global water crisis. The climb is over, but the site is still active, and a great way to dig into a deeper knowledge about saving lives with clean water.

Over one billion people do not have daily access to clean, safe drinking water, and without water, not other aspect of life can be optimal (and survival itself cannot last long).

A documentary film of the climb comes out March 14, broadcast on MTV. Until then, explore the site, donate some dollars to clean water, and, perhaps most importantly, think of creative ways to use the major undertakings in your life to support the things you care about. Running a 5K race? Even if it isn’t a charitable event, you can still ask friends to sponsor you with a dollar amount for each kilometer, then donate it to your charity of choice. Losing weight? What if family and friends sponsor your health goals AND your charity by donating an amount for every pound you drop? Wouldn’t it be inspiring if you used the opportunity to make a difference in your own world to also make a difference for everyone?

Adventure Philanthropy

rm_sidebarROAD MONKEY

A former New York Times Iraq war correspondent formed Road Monkey in 2008 as an alternative way to travel off the beaten path. His trips are adventure excursions (2009 offerings include biking through Vietnam with days of service work at an orphanage for children born with HIV, and climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro with project efforts to build a clean water system and do local school improvements) with a great get-your-hands-dirty service element built in. Travel groups are kept small and projects are in partnership with local community organizations so efforts and energy are not diluted through lots of middlemen. The founder, Paul von Zielbauer, leads each expedition personally and has a refreshing “We are explorers on a journey, not tourists on a schedule” philosophy. Participants are asked to fund-raise (US$500 tax deductible donations from your own social/work network) as a contribution for the community partner organizations in the destinations.

I would do his Tanzania ADVENTURE PHILANTHROPY trip in a heartbeat.

Shall we plan to meet there?