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Volunteer to Advance the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

Michael J Fox Trial FinderEvery Parkinson’s medical trial needs healthy non-affected volunteers as the “control” side of experiments testing effectiveness in the battle against Parkinson’s disease, as well as willing participants who are Parkinson’s patients. Don’t panic, we’re not talking about taking anything dangerous or beyond your comfort level, but these research studies rely on willing volunteers to help assess the effectiveness of ways to diagnose, treat, and defeat Parkinson’s. Every trial has extensive and carefully followed and monitored protocols, and, of course, you would never register for something that makes you uncomfortable. In most instances, your reaction when learning about a particular volunteer study need, will be, “Oh, is that all?”

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research now has a new tool, the Fox Trial Finder, working like the most health-changing dating service you can imagine — it links willing volunteers to trials that are so dependent on us for success in observational clinical trials (involving no drugs or treatments) and interventional clinical trials, where new treatments, vitamin and mineral plans, lifestyle change tests, detection and diagnostic methods, quality of life studies, and more are tested.

Fox, because of his fame and high profile before and since his diagnosis with Parkinson’s, has been responsible for shining so much important light on this issue and tirelessly working to find a cure for the five million Parkinson’s patients worldwide.

All you need to do is create a profile so studies can find you and let you know about opportunities to participate and be part of the answer for any trials that feel right for you. It’s important and heroic work, and a volunteer opportunity to truly leave a legacy.

Check it out and learn more:

Michael J. Fox & Polo Ralph Lauren Team Up Against Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox is such a freaking hero to me. He is just so simple and clear and unstoppable. His work with his Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is going to lead us to a cure. As he says, so cleanly, in this interview he and his wife, Tracy Pollan, did with David Lauren, “Science is hard,” and goes on to make it understood why progress has been so frustratingly slow…

Another one of my favorite MJFisms, undoubtedly quoted inaccurately here and from an earlier source (I have it pasted onto my computer at home): “Sometimes you wish for a lighter load, and sometimes you wish for broader shoulders.”

This interview is in three parts, each about 7-8 minutes long. That’s a long time to watch a video clip on your computer. I get it. I think you should do it anyway. There is so much to glean here, no matter what challenges you are facing in your life.

And here is a link to the dog tag jewelry they are doing together to raise funds–with words to live by stamped into the pieces: Be Involved. Be Inspired. Be Bold.

Michael J. Fox

mjfoptimistI was on the plane yesterday with Michael J. Fox. He was a row ahead of me, but I loved seeing him–I’m a huge fan. His work beyond his acting career is supremely inspiring. Turning the possibly (for a lot of us) devastating news of his Parkinson’s Disease medical diagnosis into a powerful call to action is supreme grace. Grace, of course, being my favorite word. They don’t make them (or us) like Michael or Christopher Reeve as often as they could. It’s pretty damn selfless (and he admits freely in the book the personal misery, tantrums, anger, selfishness, etc that go with walking his path).

I had read MJF’s book, Looking Up, The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist when it came out earlier this year. You should pick it up and give it a go. It’s a fast read, full of personal stories of his journey and also some of those life lessons he never asked to learn.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research works tirelessly to get us to the day, closer now than it was yesterday, when there will be a cure for Parkinson’s. Is there a way you can be active with this cause? Events, fundraisers? Medical research, especially the cutting edge kind, takes dollars. MJFF has funded nearly $150 million for the fight…and each donation matters. Here is a link to a page on the Foundation’s website about how to get involved…by joining Team Fox, doing your own fundraiser, or any number of creative possibilities.

Find your cause and get active. You owe it to yourself to be making a difference, and getting the incredible boost that comes from that.