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buccosglobeAre you ready to fall in love? Seriously, the work of this organization gets it right on every single level and is inspiring in such a refreshing and deeply important way.’s mission is to provide a global cultural experience through film and multimedia materials aimed at fostering the next generation of global citizens.’s award-winning online video series, photos, travel blogs, and encyclopedia-style research are provided free-of-charge to kids and classrooms around the world and these programs cover multiple subject areas that cultivate cross-cultural understanding.

You want to go there (here’s the link) and check it out—make sure you’ve got some time set aside because you’ll get lost in the world they’ve created. I feel so lucky to have recently had them cross my path and I look forward to our worlds intersecting again, soon and often.

Jenny M Buccos is the Director, Producer, and Founder of In 2003, she founded as a way to educate youth about the world’s cultures, histories, and people. In 2005, she directed/produced’s first multimedia program, Shakespeare’s England. In 2007/2008, she directed/produced’s South Africa series; working with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. John Kani, the Apartheid Museum, Robben Island, The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, photojournalist Greg Marinovich, and musician Sipho Mabuse. In fall 2008, she directed/produced’s third series, Cultural Crossroads: Jordan. In 2009, Jenny received a GOLD Parents’ Choice Award for Excellence in Educational Programming.

She makes it seem effortless, and what she has done is the kind of thing you and I need to figure out how to do as well—making the world, and the stewardship of the world—accessible…

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Peace Ship

5l9zzlOn August 27, residents and visitors in Cozumel, Mexico bid Bon Voyage to the Trimaran Zamna, the “Peace Ship,” a handcrafted, triple-masted, wooden boat built in Veracruz.

The Ship of Peace is on a four-and-a-half-month voyage of the Atlantic that makes several ambassadorial stops along the way to it’s final destination, the Port of Pireus in Greece.

It’s mission to spread the message of World Peace is aptly launched from the Island of Cozumel, free of any military conflict since the ancient Maya—it was declared “The Island of Peace” by a United Nations-backed organization, the International Committee for the Banner of Peace.

On board, as the most symbolic of all the ambassadors carrying the message of global acceptance to nations abroad, is a 12-year-old Mayan boy who was raised by a local fishing family in Cozumel. He is the figurehead of the project known as “The Child, the Sea, and Cozumel for Peace.” At each of 15 international ports there will be a ceremony where this young traveler will exchange the flag of Mexico and the “Flag of Peace” with a local youth bearing that nation’s flag.

It’s a nice thought for a Wednesday, I think…