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Oil Spill

Well this is a hell of a welcome back. I’ve been traveling and out of range of phones and Internet (in the magnificent Galapagos Islands–more on that soon) and have come home to the news of the Gulf spill.

There are many many ways to help, more of which I’ll try to collect and post here, but for a first line of offense no matter if you are near or far, anyone-can-help option, my friend Char in New Orleans has let us know that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans is accepting hair, animal fur, and nylons to help create “hair booms” to absorb and contain the oil. Hair and fur absorbs oil and it clings to the fibers, so nylon pantyhose, filled with natural hairs, becomes a big sponge. Find directions for sending these easy to assist items to the Ritz or other mail-in and drop-off sites around the Gulf, here, at Matter of Trust.