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Make a Difference Day – Here’s What You’re Up to Tomorrow

Got plans this weekend? Add something more. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 24, is Make a Difference Day. Million of folks just like us are committing part of their Saturday to improving the lives of others through volunteering. This particular day of service has been going on for 24 years, and it is the single largest national day dedicated to volunteering.

So here is why you can jump in without having a ton of advance planning, research, or particular skills. The Make a Difference Day website aligns you with you passion and/or your place. Just enter your zip code and find projects all around you that are asking for your help. You can check out all the projects that are geographically convenient for you, and refine your search based on the kind of project that inspires you most. Are you looking to add a little sweat equity to an organization focused on disaster relief? Homelessness? Animal rescue? Education? Veteran’s issues? You decide. It is the drum I always beat–there is a perfect fit volunteering gig out there waiting for you, you just may not know it yet. Use this weekend for discovery! For every social good passion there is a project, probably TONS of projects, needing your exact skills, and/or willingness to learn, at the exact time you have to offer. Your biggest hurdle is just showing up.

So this weekend (there are highlight events both Saturday and Sunday across the nation), between the other things you’ve got on the docket, give some time to the world around you. There’s a whole category of activities appropriate to families and kids if that’s your situation. Make a Difference Day is every day, of course, but show up this weekend in particular. It’s a movement you want a piece of, and you want others to see how easy it was for you to act upon your inspiration.

10/24 Make a Difference Day

Saturday, October 24, is Make a Difference Day, “America’s largest day of doing good.”

Sponsored by USA Weekend, partner charities and non-profit organizations have tamed to make it almost too easy NOT to volunteer. You can register your own great ideas for making a contribution at the “Make a Difference Day-ta Bank” so others can team up with you, or join in with like-minded souls on projects for which they’ve already done the heavy lifting of creating.

What a perfect time to empower kids to look for ways to reach out…empower those around you who are itching to lend a hand…and empower yourself to knuckle down and maybe try something new on behalf of others. leather_menu_covers10

Visit the website and consider it a menu of fantastic experiences…and pick what looks most appetizing.