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Let You In on Madonna’s Secret

Madonna has a new project debuting in a few days (September 24), and it is very secretive…kept under wraps…which can be seen as somewhat ironic since it is all about shedding light and freeing up communication and expression. Her Art for Freedom movement (hashtagged as #SecretProjectRevolution) includes a 17-minute film created by her and Steven Klein, super artsy but also edgy and poignant (if the preview clips are any indication)—it’s focus is oppression of art and free speech. We live in a time when we who can, have an obligation to stand up and speak out for freedom.

Art for Freedom will be an open-source platform for any and all of us to create artistic representations of our message, call to action, cry in the dark, grasp for connection—and share it as part of the “revolution.” There was a time when Madonna could do no wrong for the mass audience. There was also a time when she could do nothing but wrong in the eyes of many of the same people. This will get the crap criticized out of it, for sure, but Madonna never stops, and at the core she stands strong for true causes that mean everything to her–and all of us. It’s audacious in the wonderful ways that make that one of my favorite words. So explore…and ENGAGE.

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