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Travel That Helps

stonehengeI love it when there are ways to make the world a better place while patronizing the travel industry. Expedia (cue voices to sing “dot commmm“), in addition to making shopping for travel bargains easy from your computer, has also, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, created the World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism.

Their mission is clear, and strong (from the website): “We believe that everyone has a part to play in the conservation of our global heritage.  That’s why we work with travelers, members of the travel industry, government groups, non-governmental organizations, and the United Nations to protect and preserve World Heritage sites and promote local communities.

The World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism is a global community committed to the conservation of World Heritage sites and the well being of local people.

We are people protecting places.  Thousands of individuals support our cause by pledging to travel responsibly and by donating to fund community projects in and around World Heritage sites.”

From Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, the Statue of Liberty to Niagara Falls, Yosemite to the Okavango Delta, there are 890 World Heritage Sites in 148 countries around the world. These are the places we and our children and their children and beyond do and will create some of our greatest memories. These are the spots for once-in-a-lifetime moments, and assuring they are protected is everyone’s responsibility.

Consider becoming a World Heritage Alliance member, donating, and pledging to be sure that in your own travels, you respect and honor the places you visit. As the Alliance says: We’re not asking you to save the world. Just its greatest places.