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The 28 Can’t Wait

Around the world, there are about 28 million cancer survivors–a number, like all life statistics, that is in flux…but with our support, we can slow down the fluctuation in this particular demographic. Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG does more than just make those ubiquitous yellow rubber bracelets–they empower the cancer community to meet unmet needs of survivors. It is an organization with priorities generated from the inside out. The survivor perspective is not the same as the doctor/researcher perspective, and LIVESTRONG is focused on improving the todays that survivors have, with specific goals for certain groups of survivors (the needs of a kid with cancer are different from those of a senior citizen). To bring awareness, the newest super-catchy campaign is “The 28 Can’t Wait.”

LIVESTRONG depends on volunteers on many levels. If you are in (or visiting) the Austin, Texas area, the LIVESTRONG offices put volunteers to work keeping the group going, and nationwide, advocates and activists have more than enough to do, plus huge annual events, like runs, walks, rides, and triathlons, are only as successful as the volunteer teams making them possible. Find ways to get involved here, or lend your support here.

The time to conquer cancer is now–the 28 can’t wait.

Movember: (Upper) Lip Service

The month of November is MOVEMBER, when men worldwide grow moustaches to bring attention to prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. “The moustache is our ribbon…like the commitment to walk or run for charity, for 30 days we grow.”

It is a subtle but dramatic stand, and men can do a simple registration process here so friends and family, co-workers and clients can pledge funds to support the cause. The donations go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and LIVESTRONG.

The PCF uses the money raised by Movember to fund research that is accelerating the discovery of better treatments and ultimately finding a cure for prostate cancer.  One such program is the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center’s research, which has recently made a significant breakthrough.  They identified 24 different kinds of prostate cancer and how aggressive each is.  This should enable scientists to soon be able to answer the agonizing question facing men with prostate cancer: does their cancer need immediate treatment, and if so what is the best treatment, or can it be left alone?

LIVESTRONG uses the money raised by Movember to fund important programs to support young adults and their families battling and surviving cancer.  These programs include:

•     Fertile Hope, an initiative dedicated to providing reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility.

•      My Planet, an online community of peer support that allows young adults to find and communicate with other young adults whose lives have been affected by cancer.

•      Continuing Nursing Education program on Young Adult Cancer Survivorship. LIVESTRONG encourage nurses to know the warning signs of cancer, understand what types of cancer for which young adults may be at risk, and learn about cancer screening.

So get growing, or support them man in your life that is getting a little shaggy for a cause. All hail Magnum P.I.

#beatcancer Today

This is easy…

Last year, a Guinness World Record was set by Everywhere, out of Atlanta, Georgia, for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message” with #beatcancer. In 24 hours the one-word phrase #beatcancer set the record contributing to the 209,771 unique mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts.

Today, at 9AM PST, noon on the East Coast, this year’s 24-hour period begins—a chance to participate to beat the World Record AND raise some money for the cause.

To participate simply add the hashtag #beatcancer (all one word) to any tweet, Facebook status update, or blog post. That’s it. Anyone who adds this phrase ensures that in addition to a world record, money will be donated to further the efforts of selected non-profit cancer organizations. PayPal and SWAGG will donate a nickel for every mention to the organizations LIVESTRONG Foundation, Bright Pink, and Stand Up To Cancer.

So what are you waiting for? Post away.