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LifeStraw: Pure Water One User at a Time

The LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system that can save lives pure and simple–emphasis on pure. The uncomplicated device filters water that is unsafe for human consumption without boiling or dissolving pills, but on the way into a drinker’s mouth. Nearly 6,000 of us die every day from unsafe water, and if we can just get simple filters like this one, that remove particulate matter, viral, and bacterial impurities enough to even make mud puddle fluid potable, we save lives right away. You can donate a LifeStraw via several charitable organizations, buy them yourself (less than $25), and also look at other life saving items offered from the same company (PermaNet anti-malarial bed nets, ZeroFly emergency shelters for malaria zones, and CarePack includes an insecticidal net to prevent malaria, water purifier, condoms for HIV prevention, and broad spectrum antibiotics.)

Solutions to many of this world’s most dangerous problems are out there and available–what is missing is access. Explore the issue a bit, go to the website, and consider being that missing link, by getting equipment into the hands of families that need exactly that to see tomorrow.

Not Scrooge

Picture 2Actor/Comedian Jim Carrey (playing Scrooge in the new film version of A Christmas Carol) can polarize opinions with his extreme physicality and antics, but you cannot find fault with his commitment to charitable causes. Carrey has a new personal website ( that raises the bar for interactive bells and whistles (and takes a long time to load). The most interesting part of this ethereal site (home page pictured above) is the link to Carrey’s Better U Foundation, a wonderful charity with a true invitation for getting involved in the lives of others, recognizing that we are at our best when we are reaching out. The particular issues being undertaken at this time include autism (Carrey and his wife, actress/comedienne Jenny McCarthy, have a son working through autism and are empowering activists in the cause), safe water (advocating the simple affordable and lifesaving use of LifeStraw, a personal water purifier that anyone anywhere can use and can transform global health), food security (an eco-friendly program to increase rice crops and feed millions more people each harvest), mobility for the disabled (creating affordable, simple wheelchairs), and human rights (calling for international action on global humanity issues).

As we round the bend toward the holidays, look for ways in your own life to embrace the season of generosity, and take a page from this Ebenezer Scrooge’s book.