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Celebs Making a Difference–Ryan Seacrest

Photo: Ryan Seacrest Foundation

I love when I learn something new and heartening about famous folks. When some celebrity has been fighting the good fight regardless of how brightly the spotlight does or does not shine on their philanthropic efforts, it makes me care more about that entertainer or athlete. There are so many that, because of their body of work and name recognition, can do so much to bring attention and focus to issues that matter to them…and often, a celeb will go that extra step and create their own foundation or charitable organization. Ryan Seacrest who is practically ubiquitous on all media platforms, uses his celebrity status to bring creative media to others as a way to heal. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to bringing multimedia and interactive technology and entertainment to seriously ill and injured children. The first major project is building broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals and wards so kids can explore radio and television. Raising spirits and getting individuals excited about creativity is healing, not only for those doing the creating, but for those listening/watching as well. Seacrest also uses his connections to bring lots of other celebrities on board to lend their support, from Justin Bieber to David Beckham, Lady Gaga and CeeLo Green to Taylor Swift and Conan O’Brien. The list goes on and on, as does the great work.

Lohan and Bieber and Sheen, Oh My…

At a time when we have accidental front row seats to the unraveling of teen stars who are all grown up (yes Ms. Lohan and Mr. Sheen…duh…winning), it is nice to see the flipside…when celebrity doesn’t chew up and spit out a young person (I know, Charlie Sheen is old enough to be Lindsay Lohan’s dad, but he was young when he first hit it big as part of a famous entertainment family)

Justin Bieber, he of the most beloved head of hair since Dorothy Hamill, has donated his locks to love (though not directly TO Locks of Love–a fantastic organization.) The teen heart throb, who croons to screaming throngs around the world, cut off a hank of hair and gave it to Ellen DeGeneres to auction in support for her charity, The Gentle Barn, which takes in orphan animals and works with at-risk kids, teaching them how to care for other beings. That little lock of hair was put up on eBay, and brought in nearly 100 bids, with the final selling price of….wait for it….$40,668.00 For his HAIR! Rock on Justin! Keeping in the same vein, Justin reached out to fans around his 17th birthday, asking for donations he hoped would total $17,000 to give to charity:water, and already, that campaign has raised $45.306.95! His birthday was March 1, but you can continue to donate to the cause here.

Celebrities Gone Good

It’s that time of year when every form of publication and broadcast is doing round up pieces…the best of…the top ten…of the year gone by, or predictions for the year beginning. has, on their Celebs Gone Good pages, an article that points up the charitable work of the famous among us—it’s a list I love. It is the Top 20 celebrities and their charitable work throughout 2010. The usual suspects are here: Ellen (in addition to her commitment to ending hunger, shining a spotlight on bullying and the amazing work of The Trevor Project), Oprah ($40 million to charities), Matt Damon (, Alicia Keys (Keep a Child Alive)…and a few that really stepped up, perhaps for the first time, in the past year—Lady Gaga (Hands Up for Marriage Equality), Justin Bieber (Pencils of Promise), Sophia Bush (advocacy and awareness of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster), Nick Jonas (Change for the Children Foundation and his tireless work for diabetes treatment and awareness)…

And you! Celebrate the great work you did in 2010, and plan to ramp it up even more in 2011–our commitments to the world grow because we grow…and we grow because of our commitments.

World Leadership Awards

This Friday, August 6, is the evening when the World Leadership Awards will be presented. Crowds may come for the entertainment: Usher will be joined by Ciara and Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton will receive the “Service Legacy Award,” but this first-time award from Usher’s New Look Foundation is completely dedicated to the real stars, the youth who work with the New Look Foundation, the Leadership Academy, Powered by Service projects, and MIT (Moguls in Training). All of these programs are dedicated to young people for whom circumstance has put them at a disadvantage, and making sure they not only catch up, but exceed expectation and dreams. It is all about giving young people the tools to make a difference in their own communities and in the world community.You will be floored as you learn more about these amazing alumni and current participants.

The New Look Foundation website sums it up: The New Look Foundation mentors young people as global leaders. Currently in seven cities, New Look has worked with over 8,700 young people, and has provided over 150,000 hours of leadership training. The program trains high school youth in leadership, business, education and service. Now in its eleventh year, New Look has seen a 98% high school graduation rate among alumni.  With its Powered By Service campaign and an international call to youth service, the New Look Foundation has made service more diverse, relevant and accessible to all young people.