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Tennis Love

So Wimbeldon wrapped up this holiday weekend–I figured it was a fun time to look for some connections to the world of charity/philanthropy, and tennis. Here are a few great organizations to get behind that have a court connection…

The Andre Agassi Foundation is a tireless advocate for empowering and educating youth. Andre built a school/academy and for 15 years has made sure kids have chances that never before would have been available to them. Support and find out more here

The Arthur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS does important, high-profile work in working against HIV disease, educating us all, and supporting those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

James Blake has a foundation in honor of his father that funds work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Click to support the Thomas Blake, Sr. Memorial Research Fund.

Lindsay Davenport is a hard-working celebrity spokesperson for the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Chris Evert has her own charity and her fundraisers and tennis charity matches support helping fight drugs, child neglect, and provide a second chance to families in Florida.

The Steffi Graf Foundation does some stellar work internationally with populations at need, for example in Cape Town, Kosovo, Hamburg, Mozambique, and Eritrea.

Billie Jean King was one of the founders of the enormous network for change, the Women’s Sports Foundation.

John McEnroe is a board member for the New York clean water advocacy group, Riverkeeper.

The mission of the Fundacion Rafael Nadal is the promotion of education and sport as tools for the integration of individuals in situations of social marginalization, placing special emphasis on children and adolescents.

Martina Navratilova has a long history of charitable support, including Human Rights Campaign for LGBT equality, PETA and their animal causes, and the Laureas Foundation using sport worldwide for social change and good.

The Andy Roddick Foundation provides children in need with education and resources, with a particular focus on abused children, childhood disease, and keeping kids in school.

The Pam Shriver Baltimore Community Foundation Tennis Challenge supports several children’s charities in the Maryland area.

Support Jacksonville youth in academic and life success via the MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation.

Oracene Price, the mother of Venus and Serena Williams, has her OWL Foundation, dedicated to making sure every child has the chance to excel, especially those with learning problems or experiencing academic failure.

There are many, many others–so the ball is in your court–get involved.

The Divine Miss M


Cruise down the freeway in Los Angeles or look along some New York roadsides, and you’ll see signs saying that this particular stretch of road is cleaned and maintained by Bette Midler. I’ll have to say I was pretty doubtful that Bette, well meaning as I’d always heard she was, would actually ever be out there with her Hefty bag and gloves grabbing up cigarette butts and Dr. Pepper cans. Now I know better–her commitment to the greening of the places she calls home is almost unparalleled. Bette’s New York Restoration Project (about which I’ve blogged before) is a hugely important player in the greening of the Big Apple. So many people find the inspiration to get involved due to her star power and name…and now she’s gathering, ohhh, about a hundred or so of her most famous friends, to up the ante.

Ms. Midler has pulled together an ONLINE CHARITABLE AUCTION at CHARITYFOLKS.COM to raise funds for NYRP. Once in a lifetime opportunities to meet and hang out with celebs are being auctioned to the highest charitable bidders. Some of the opportunities of which you can avail yourself (and feel good about being philanthropic and making New York better for everyone) include:

· Sit front row at Bette Midler’s Las Vegas show and meet her backstage

· Lunch with Richard Branson during your week-long getaway at Necker Island

· Lunch with Jann Wenner – Founder & Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine

· Private tennis lesson with John McEnroe

· Walk on Role with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd in “Dinner for Schmucks”

· Meet Daniel Craig with house seats to A Steady Rain on Broadway

· Meet John Stamos backstage at Bye Bye Birdie

· Spend a Day in the Studio with Legendary Musician Jackson Browne

· Meet Robin Williams with VIP tickets to his NYC stand-up show

· Meet Cher with VIP tickets & backstage passes to her Las Vegas show

· Meet John Mayer at one of his concerts along with VIP tickets

· Intern at Rolling Stone Magazine – the ultimate source for music & pop-culture

· Walk-on Role & Lunch on Set of  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The auction is live until Friday the 13th (November 13, 2009) at, highlights from the fabulous 100 lot auction include: