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Awesomeness Fest–Hive Mind Moving the Earth

Paradisus Palma Real

Paradisus Palma Real

It’s like Burning Man for the entrepreneurial set…with showers…and less dust…but it is a utopian gathering of passionate rebels dedicated to making life extra juicy and wonderful. Awesomeness Fest is an anti-conference conference. There are now two per year: this year one of the fests already happened in Bali, and November 7-10, the next gathering will occur in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

You’ll find a diverse crowd putting their brains together to come up with new answers to tough questions about society and how we can increase our communal extraordinariness factor. Tribe leaders include luminaries of the visionary movements, coaching experts, business innovators, impact investors, non-profit instigators, authors, artists, and more. A little travel, a chance to hang out in the D.R. at Paradisus Palma Real resort, and a little brain stimulation–what can be wrong with THAT recipe for November goodness? Pack you bags and your best ideas for changing the world–you’ll definitely find synergy here.


Maker Faire 2010, AfriGadget

It is the first Monday of that time of year that depresses me–when the sun fades long before the workday is over. It’s also a nasty day out–actually some snow falling this morning along with whipping wind and rains…so I awake searching for a little inspiration.

Found it!

AfriGadget is a website that collects photos, videos, and stories from amazing innovators. Project creators submit their own content from across Africa, demonstrating ingenuity with severely limited resources. It is, correctly described on the site,  “a testament to Africans bending the little they have to their will, using creativity to overcome life’s challenges.” I find it truly inspiring to search through the website and find things like a false tooth press made from recycled random tool parts that is making reparative dentistry possible…household solar water disinfection systems from discarded water bottles…a customized bicycle that recharges the rider’s cell phone while pedaling…used tractor tires re-purposed and reformed into water buckets and animal feeding troughs…tin can, wires, and bulb emergency lantern…brightly colored toys made from trash-picked remnants…and so much more that makes me question just about everything I’ve dropped into the trash can every day of my life.