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Travel for Good: Humane Society International

You’ve long known about the good work being done at animal shelters in your home town and across the US, but may not have been aware of the global reach of the Humane Society International. Confronting cruelty in countries around the world, the Humane Society is the premier advocate for animals…and now they are sponsoring travel programs. Launched today, Humane Travels gives you a chance to tour international sites where important animal protection programs are going on. Your travel fees help support the local animal protection groups while your vacation experience creates for you, memories that will last a lifetime. The inaugural trip is to South Africa in January, celebrating wildlife and spotlighting grassroots programs dedicated to the animal kingdom. Travelers will voyage to the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary, home to hundreds of rescued animals, including lions, wild dogs, hippos, giraffes, elephants, warthogs, zebras, ostriches and many, many more, during a six night/seven day vacation. Other safari experiences and game drives round out the vacation at pretty high end tent camps and lodges, including visits to nearby Kruger National Park. Once you’ve got the Big 5 under your belt, future Humane Travels world excursions are planned for Bhutan, Canada, and Guatemala, where HSI is working hard.