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Urban Zen and Discover Haiti

Donna Karan was so moved by her experience visiting Haiti that it has colored everything she has done since. I feel exactly the same way, and can’t wait to get back (less than a month! Wow! The calendar pages are flying away). Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation occurs as a force for raising awareness and inspiring change in the areas of well-being, cultural preservation, and empowering children. Haiti is not the foundation’s sole focus, but the work there is fascinating and inspiring. In Washington D.C. right now, you’ll find the Discover Haiti exhibition (through June 27), a celebration of Haitian arts and culture, with artworks, accessories, clothing, and home furnishings, all designed and created in Haiti. After this engagement, the exhibition will move on to the London Olympic Games. Trust me, I don’t care what avenue your travel to discover Haiti, but you owe it to yourself to learn about the music, poetry, expansive dance, art, and if you’re lucky, food, of this nation. There is a reason so many creative professionals have been so captured by their experiences there, and keep returning to the well, again and again. Find some of that inspiration for yourself.