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Sanctuary Spring: Cards That Make a Difference

Photo: Sanctuary Spring

You’ve already sent and received your December holiday cards this year (unless you’re like me and moved and still haven’t unpacked or found the box with cards…or the address book), but greeting cards are perennial, and in the United States we spend about $13 billion per year on cards (perhaps one of the last things keeping the post office running). They are meaningful as they commemorate birthdays and anniversaries, retirement, new job, the passing of a loved one, graduation, fathers/mothers/grandparents/secretaries day, thanks, thinking of you, love and loss and light all summed up and acknowledged on a folded piece of heavy-stock paper. Now you can add an entire new layer of meaning by helping a woman rebuild her life when you obtain your cards from Sanctuary Spring.

Batik Card: Sanctuary Spring

The card-making company exclusively employs women in the Philippines who are escaping prostitution. Some were forced or tricked into the sex trade, some turned there when all other options seemed hopeless, but every one of them is looking for a new beginning, and finding it working for this organization. Your purchase of these fair-trade cards helps sustain programs to assist the women in the program while also providing a living wage so they can care for their families and provide food and education. The cards themselves are beautiful with handmade recycled papers and vibrant colors, some are humorous, some elegant, some bold, some understated–you’ll find what you’re looking for when you shop online, here. And more importantly, you’ll help women find what THEY are looking for as well, a turn in the road of life.