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GOOD & travel2change Make a Difference On the Road

You’ve got between now and Halloween to come up with an idea on how you would like to travel to make a difference in the world. GOOD and travel2change are teaming up to award a thousand bucks to a great idea on getting out into the world and impacting the community you visit. This is YOUR challenge, to link YOUR passion with somewhere YOU are passionate about, and create benefit for you, the traveler, as well as those you visit. You just submit an idea about where you want to go and how your passion will positively impact that community, and judges choose the top entries, which then pass on to public voting in November. You can enter as an individual, organization, or group…so fire up those fantasies and put it in writing (and photos and video if you can). The only thing standing between you and that dream is just the courage or gumption to say YES.