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Volunteering Pays

-1I love this idea. Here’s a way for you to get even more benefit from volunteer work (as if all the tangible and intangible ways you get so much from doing hard work in service wasn’t enough). When you are visiting Washington DC, the Carlyle Suites Hotel and the Savoy Suites Hotel will reward you for the volunteering you do at home. For every five hours of logged service work at the charity of your choice back home, the hotels will discount your hotel room price by 50%. You’ll need to provide proof of service, so get a letter from the charity at home, but aside from that, it’s easy.

If your hectic schedule has made it tough to log five hours, the hotels have made it easy for you to still give back—they will donate 50% of your room rate (you’re paying full price in this scenario) to any volunteer organization of your choice that is registered with (and if you don’t know that website yet, click the link…you really ought to go there).

To learn more about the “SERVE AMERICA & STAY IN DC” program, visit or or just click these links.-1

Pure Travel

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

There’s a lot to be said for going to the source. Just as we’d rather eat fresh food from a farmer’s market than overly processed, packaged plastic, with a little searching, you can create vacations with authentic, close-to-the-source travel options as well. A huge agency with phone operators working in call center cubicles can certainly book your tickets and hotels, or you can do-it-yourself with a lot of pointing and clicking, but if you want some on-the-ground expertise in the destination you’ll visit, you might give PureTravel a shot. With a focus on adventure travel, this new company (working itself up to launch for a decade) brings resources together so you can find a tour operator or travel provider in the place you’ll visit. For example, if you are headed to Everest Base Camp, you could book a trip directly with a Sherpa in Nepal as opposed to a trying-to-do-everything company in Colorado. Local knowledge and experience are everything if it is important to you to get off the air-conditioned buses and away from the large group tours. Booking directly with local providers also benefits the communities you visit by keeping your dollars closer to the source. PureTravel’s ethos is “Go Direct, Save Money, and Give More Back.” The company vets all tour providers to be sure they uphold sustainability and green standards and have a commitment to their community’s development.

Your search is simplified by breaking possible trips down into categories that might matter most to you: history and culture, water sports, climbing and trekking, family adventures, etc.

If you’re not booking a trip yet, you can sign up for their newsletter to be kept abreast of special opportunities, time-sensitive trips (coinciding with a festival, for instance), and new offerings.

Are you packed yet?