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Carrie Underwood—Change

I missed the Thanksgiving broadcast of the CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute when some of our world’s most tremendous changers were honored for the grassroots efforts they have made creating new ways to make a difference (it’ll be re-broadcast on Christmas Day). From the Girl Child Network Worldwide that mobilizes young women around the world to push past artificial limitations placed on them by cultures and truly achieve their potential…to the self-explanatory  Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids…to Wine to Water trying to bring safe drinking water to all the world’s people…these folks who came up with these ideas, these heroes, are the very definition of inspiring.

There’s a heartening array here of “fountains” from which to draw your motivation to reach out. It would be pretty difficult to work your way through the links on the CNN Heroes web page to each of the 2009 Heroes’ project websites and NOT find something to light your fire. What would launch you out of bed tomorrow morning? Devotion to kids? Medical and health enhancement? Solving environmental issues? Supporting a young person who has come up with solutions? Reaching out locally within immediate communities? It is all here. Spend some time, a few minutes when you have them, and search for the synchronicity you absolutely know is there, waiting for you.

Lyrics to Carrie Underwood’s “Change” after the jump.

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