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Music doesn’t just soothe the soul of savage beasts, it can heal and expand horizons, and touch us in ways for which we are unprepared.

Flobots is a Denver, CO band and also eponymous charity devoted to bringing music and expression to the lives of young people. Their focus is empowering youth to make a difference in their own lives and communities. They work to: create positive social change by harnessing the power of music and those who love it. We view music as a tool for therapy, community building, leadership development, and action.

In addition to a creative think tank/community space in Denver that youth-focused organizations can rent out and/or participate with others, Flobots has several outstanding outreach programs. The Art to Action Outreach Program has a music therapy program serving victims of extreme childhood trauma helping build self-esteem and confidence and facilitating cognitive behavioral change; after school music programs for middle and high school students; a speaker’s bureau for public presentations; a summer camp for youth; and a classroom lesson program for educators. Flobots also runs the Fight With Tools Institute with hands-on training for community organizing and nurturing leaders for change and social justice.

If you live in or are visiting the Mile-High City, volunteer some time with these game-changers…and send support from afar…or near.