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Today = Endangered Species Day

Today, May 18, is Endangered Species Day, a chance to pay some much-needed attention to the animals we are driving out. The US Senate started this day so we can rally around the idea of protection and stewardship for the planet and its inhabitants. Thousands of people participate at local zoos, wildlife refuges, aquariums, botanical gardens, libraries, community centers, and parks. Hopefully school classrooms are participating as well–there can never be enough reminders that we are not alone, nor are we the most important beings here…certainly not at the expense of others.

How will you get involved today? And tomorrow? And beyond?


May 21: Endangered Species Day

photo courtesy, Laura Romin & Larry Dalton

Damaging anti-environmentalist Sarah Palin advocates shooting wolves from helicopters (and is getting a show with The Discovery Channel?!? WTF?)…rainforests are being cut down more rapidly than seeds could ever be planted…and the BP Gulf oil leak continues to belch crude into our waters, killing countless fish and pretty much guaranteeing an entire generation of sea turtles, who are in the midst of an immovable mating season, will not be able to get to shore to lay eggs and will not survive…

So…ummm…Happy Endangered Species Day

In the U.S. alone, there are 1,324 species listed as endangered. To find out which species in your region are in critical condition, check out the website for the Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Program. Today, many of the Service’s field and regional offices will be hosting events in their communities and providing unique programs to visitors on endangered species conservation. For more information on how you can find an event near you, please visit