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Bat Signal Alert

1097720_80219348Defenders of Wildlife is a pretty astounding organization working tirelessly to protect a huge array of species around the world. It can be pretty harrowing to read updates and their newsletter about the slaughter of wolves, the plight of starving polar bears, and so many more, but I encourage you to support them.

From DOW comes a new alert about bats in North America. I know people get freaked out by bats, but they are brilliant and the best way to keep down the mosquito population (can you say West Nile Virus?). They don’t suck your blood, they don’t try to divebomb you and get tangled in your hair, and they are incredibly helpful to each ecosystem where they live.

THAT is the problem–their living. North American bats are dying off in numbers too rapid to ignore, this summer is going to be a make or break season for them, and it is simple to take action on their behalf. See below from the DOW newsletter:

Scary Times for Bats

North America’s bats are in trouble. A mysterious disease called white-nose syndrome has already claimed the lives of an estimated one million of these often misunderstood flying mammals. The spread of this terrible disease shows no sign of slowing, with white-nose syndrome killing nearly 100% of the bats at some hibernating sites.

To save our bats from this emerging disease, Defenders of Wildlife is calling on Congress for emergency action.

Lend your voice to the fight to save our bats. Urge your U.S. Representative to support critical research funding to fight White Nose Syndrome and protect America’s bats.

Take Action