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You Get an Extra Second Today — Do Something Great!

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Today, June 30, the clocks of the world will add one more second than usual to our day. It is time for the addition of a Leap Second to allow recorded time, known as “Coordinated Universal Time” and actual solar time as tracked by the Atomic Clock to catch up. There will officially be a time on clocks that reads 11:59:60 Greenwich Mean Time (and it may very well drive a whole bunch of technology absolutely ape shit because they won’t recognize that time). The last time this happened in 2012, a whole bunch of systems crashed including major internet servers and some air traffic control systems.

Assuming our technoverse doesn’t implode–what will you do with your extra second?

I’ve got an idea. Jump in and try any of these one-click ways to make a difference or these links to charities and non-profits around the world that have one-click donation programs. Click to donate free food to hungry people or pets; click to donate to cancer or other medical research initiatives; click for clean water projects; click to save the rainforest; click for animal causes; click to donate free books and give to literacy initiatives…just click. These aren’t click and dig into your wallet, just the act of clicking is the give, that translates into action on the other end. For most it is a value proposition for advertisers, so they give because they can verify your eyeballs landed on their page–and that is worth money to advertisers…and you only need to see the ad…for a second…for them to value your presence and give in your behalf.

The universe owes you an extra second. Use it in a beautiful way.

Help Kenya Project

comps1Sometimes, all you need is a great idea, and you can change the world.

The Help Kenya Project
brings donated computers from the United States to Kenyan village learning labs and schools. They also deliver donated clothing, and provide teaching and tutoring in English, computer work, and programming. In exchange, the children and young adults receiving the donations plant trees in and around their village to try and reverse the damage done in previous generations by indiscriminate cutting that led to terrible erosion and degradation of the earth. New trees provide shade and keep the earth from washing, or blowing, away.

Volunteers can travel along with the project founder, Kenyan Jude Ndambuki, to deliver equipment, do computer repairs in the Westchester, New York program center, and help load the shipping containers as well as helping collect donations of gently used technology, new school supplies, and clothing  (and donate your own).

Not a lot of effort. Not a lot of time. And it completely rocks the world of a whole bunch of people.

DO you have an idea like this? Share it, and until then, add your energy to other projects that help.

Volunteering Pays

-1I love this idea. Here’s a way for you to get even more benefit from volunteer work (as if all the tangible and intangible ways you get so much from doing hard work in service wasn’t enough). When you are visiting Washington DC, the Carlyle Suites Hotel and the Savoy Suites Hotel will reward you for the volunteering you do at home. For every five hours of logged service work at the charity of your choice back home, the hotels will discount your hotel room price by 50%. You’ll need to provide proof of service, so get a letter from the charity at home, but aside from that, it’s easy.

If your hectic schedule has made it tough to log five hours, the hotels have made it easy for you to still give back—they will donate 50% of your room rate (you’re paying full price in this scenario) to any volunteer organization of your choice that is registered with (and if you don’t know that website yet, click the link…you really ought to go there).

To learn more about the “SERVE AMERICA & STAY IN DC” program, visit or or just click these links.-1

Travel for the Cure

clientLogo_SusanGKomenI have to admit, shamefacedly, my cultural ignorance. Before her name became synonymous with the fight against breast cancer, I had no idea who Susan G. Komen was. I still don’t know much beyond the valiant fight and extraordinary work done in her name…and perhaps that is enough, for now. She is a lightning rod for reaching out, and as long as inspiration to action happens, that is everything.

An easy way to do something positive for the world while enjoying a glorious vacation, is to visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu and work with certain properties and tour companies that are in alliance with Komen for the Cure, and donate part of your vacation dollars to the cause. The Oahu Visitors Bureau has created the Travel Pink, Travel Oahu program that, since it’s inception in 2006, has raised over $80,000 for the cause.

The Big Kahunas of Island hotels are cooperating: Hyatt Waikiki, Aqua Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Halekulani, Waikiki Parc, and the Royal Hawaiian. Each has a package deal that saves you money and contributes a portion of the cost of your stay to the charity.

It is an effortless way to relax, enjoy the rejuvenation of the island, and get in touch with your own priorities as vacation can always do…while reaching out (consider matching the donation yourself. It may mean you have to budget one less luau show, but how many fire dances do you need to see?)

Packages will be listed on a special Oahu Visitors Bureau micro site –

For more information on breast cancer and the Komen Hawaii Affiliate, visit