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Break Through the Pink/Blue Goofiness

We Should be Ashamed

We Should be Ashamed

Yes, I’m a kid who was addicted to Free to Be You and Me.

Yes, I’m an inordinately proud feminist male.

Yes, I loved guessing if Kate was going to have a boy or a girl–but I have never subscribed to that ridiculous pink and blue thing. You should decorate your baby’s room, royal or not, with whatever pleases you and whatever you anticipate will please the child. Pink zebras are brilliant no matter the chromosomes of the baby. Blue ducks–couldn’t be better. Green hot air balloons and yellow sun and stars are all as good as any other choice.

And for god’s sake–be smart. Perhaps smarter than our parents were. Never dissuade a kid’s imagination because it doesn’t align with what you see as your dream. That’s YOUR dream. Don’t tell a girl that trucks and rockets and tools are only for boys, because that, of course, is bullshit. Never dishonor a boy by telling him only girls cook or design amazing clothes or sing into their hairbrush–because if you do, you are wrong.

Goldie Blox is a hip toy company engineering cool toys for girls who love inventing and building in addition to or instead of (and neither can be judged wrong) the exclusive domain of tiaras and tutus. Created by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford Engineer, the toys celebrate problem solving and self-confidence and feed a generation ready to move beyond the pink aisle of the toy store.