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Ready to make some New Year’s resolutions and kick your world into high gear as we launch into the new decade? There’s so much cynicism and crap on the Internet that it gets exhausting. The spam prescription pill and penile enhancement ads in your in-box are nothing compared to every imaginable combination of words preceded by www.

When a web destination actually feels like a place you’d like to hang out and explore for a bit, I think it is worth pointing out. CThings “is the work of a community of people who contribute news stories about the amazing things people are doing to change the world. From poverty to peace, from space to the environment, from obscure villages to world capitals, the CThings community aggregates stories of real innovation, breakthrough, and the triumph of the human spirit. Contribute. Comment. Connect. Change your whole world view.”

You’ll find news stories and current event updates of the “No Way!” variety as well as some that will make you cry, or get angry, or get motivated, or all of the above. Some will make you proud and some will make you pissed. You’ll find out more about the good work of large corporations as well as the little guys like you and me, doing what we can, being unlikely to settle for the status quo when the status quo means there is unnecessary suffering.

Go tour around a bit, add your two cents, and then close your browser, put on your shoes, and get busy.