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Children in Crossfire

As you’re thinking about Mom for the upcoming Mother’s Day cards and flowers extravaganza (and overcrowded brunch venues)…it is worth a few moments to think about children the world over, especially those without parental influence.

Children in Crossfire is a charity based in the U.K., founded by Richard Moore, who, when he was ten years old in 1972, was blinded by a rubber bullet fired by a soldier point blank at his face. His life since has been one filled with compassion and passion for children and their rights to happiness no matter the circumstances swirling around them. A tireless advocate for kids of conflict, the Dalai Lama recently visited Moore in Northern Ireland, holding him up as a fantastic example of living life at peace with your world.

Most of the actual volunteer opportunities with Children in Crossfire are about fund-raising and spreading the word…so think about making a donation in honor of your mother, and mothers everywhere, for war kids and orphans of conflict, disease, and poverty.