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Cesar Chavez Day

I hadn’t realized that today, March 31, is Cesar Chavez Day. It was his birthday (born 1927, died 1993), and today, President Barack Obama signed a proclamation making March 31 Cesar Chavez Day. Chavez’ tireless advocacy on behalf of migrant farmworkers was familiar to me growing up in California’s Central Valley. Farmworkers’ rights were talked about around our dinner table, rallies attended, and crops boycotted all through my growing up.

This day is an official holiday in 11 states with a movement to make it a national holiday. The vision of the Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday organization is:

Cesar Chavez gave our nation and each of us a unique example to live our lives by.  His selfless dedication for farm worker and worker rights, economic justice, civil rights, environmental justice, peace, nonviolence, empowerment of the poor and disenfranchised, is a monumental legacy that will inspire all and the generations to come. The winning of national recognition for Cesar Chavez with holidays, service, learning and community action events, is a fitting tribute and significant way to share his life’s work as the founder and leader of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW).

What is most important is that remembering and honoring Cesar Chavez inspires more people to become involved in the causes that continue Cesar Chavez’s extraordinary legacy.

At this link, from the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation, there is a nice list of actions to undertake in the spirit of Chavez, from peaceful advocacy and building a cause to community involvement and “Day of Service” activities to inspire you anew to involve yourself in the lives of others.

Here is a link to the page for the United Farm Workers and ways to get involved with them.