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Burning Man Volunteering

BurningManIn spite of some mean rainstorms keeping today’s gates closed on the launch of this year’s Burning Man happening (the weather is supposed to be nice for the rest of the time the masses will be on the Playa), this is THAT season.

I’ve never been to Burning Man–I suspect I will one year, but haven’t yet. There is so much I find endlessly intriguing–especially about the systems and non-systems set up as a for community agreement. No money changes hands, barter agreements, specializing in something great to give regardless of whether you receive anything in return. These are concepts I like.

As you might guess, if you know a little or a lot about Burning Man, it takes more than a village to make it all happen. So much is user-generated, but there is much behind the scenes that occurs–only the most careful planning can make so much feel so spontaneous.

Toward that end–they need legions of volunteers. There are year-round volunteers handling logistics and planning leading up to the late summer shindig in Black Rock City, and there are volunteers at-event. Cleanup, the “Gazette” staff, security, rangers, greeters, lamplighters, temple guardians, technology teams, earth guardians, the Department of Mutant Vehicles, and so many other roles are filled by volunteers. Once the dust settles (literally) and ash disappears from this year’s event, it’s not too soon to plan on Playa service for 2015. Find out more how to take your community giving, and commitment to the crowds, to the next level–volunteer to make the magic happen.

Awesomeness Fest–Hive Mind Moving the Earth

Paradisus Palma Real

Paradisus Palma Real

It’s like Burning Man for the entrepreneurial set…with showers…and less dust…but it is a utopian gathering of passionate rebels dedicated to making life extra juicy and wonderful. Awesomeness Fest is an anti-conference conference. There are now two per year: this year one of the fests already happened in Bali, and November 7-10, the next gathering will occur in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

You’ll find a diverse crowd putting their brains together to come up with new answers to tough questions about society and how we can increase our communal extraordinariness factor. Tribe leaders include luminaries of the visionary movements, coaching experts, business innovators, impact investors, non-profit instigators, authors, artists, and more. A little travel, a chance to hang out in the D.R. at Paradisus Palma Real resort, and a little brain stimulation–what can be wrong with THAT recipe for November goodness? Pack you bags and your best ideas for changing the world–you’ll definitely find synergy here.