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Drinking Generously–Cork for a Cause

I’m always scouring the bushes…and vines…for opportunities where we can choose to be effortlessly generous, where the things we would be doing anyway can be directed toward affecting positive change in the world. Shopping in a way that non-profits get a percentage, long distance phone plans that donate money to charities, recycling computers and cell phones and technology in a way that keeps them out of dumps and gets them into classrooms or the hands of those in need…there are avenues everywhere for us to give in a way that takes no skin off our noses.

If you are inclined to pop the cork on a bottle of wine in the evenings, or on weekends, or for special events, or whenever…think about this organization: Cork for a Cause.  The online wine merchant, an extension of Washington’s Cork House Winery, releases special vintages and appellations and dedicates profits from those purchases to charity. The sales of the bottles go toward such causes as providing free mammograms, preserving the rainforest, helping feed families in need, animal rescue, assistance for veterans in need, healthcare for children, testicular cancer screening and care, HIV/AIDS testing and awareness, Autism research, and more.

Swirl that around in your glass a bit, and go here to find out more about the impact Cork for a Cause is having…an impact that comes from people doing what they do every day. No effort, but BIG result.

The SCAR Project

Image: David Jay/The SCAR Project

Truly amazing images. The SCAR Project is an arresting campaign by David Jay—a photo exhibit about surviving breast cancer. The exhibit is October 14-17 at the Open House Gallery, 201 Mulberry Street in New York.

Image: David Jay/The SCAR Project

In the artist’s words: Although I’m a full time fashion photographer , I have been working on this project for over 3 years now. Primarily an awareness raising campaign, The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale nudes of young breast cancer survivors. Nearly 80 so far; the youngest, 18. I started shooting it when a very close friend got breast cancer. She was 29. The SCAR Project is a powerful, beautifully disturbing look into the eyes of women struggling with a devastating disease. Here is a temporary gallery with a few of the images: I hope you will come.

Image: David Jay/The SCAR Project

Image: David Jay/The SCAR Project

Sept. 15-Massage for the Cure

geriatricHere’s a sweet way to help yourself and still throw a bit of focus on others…On September 15 (you’ll want to sign up in advance since it is a one-day only event), take part in Massage for the Cure. You can help beat breast cancer by getting a massage. Over 500 Massage Envy clinics across the United States are participating in this mission to raise needed funds for local affiliates of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.

Lots of folks forego the benefits of massage due to price, but the Massage Envy clinics (over 810 clinics across 40 states…find the one near you on their website finder function here) provide massage therapy starting at $35 for an hour (from which a sizable ten dollar chunk is donated on September 15). Massage Envy works directly with local Komen affiliates, so 100% of the funds raised during the one-day event will be used for education, screening, and treatment programs in your local community.

If you don’t know someone with breast cancer, consider yourself both lucky and rare. In America, one in eight people are ultimately diagnosed with breast cancer. This can be scary to think about, but not impossible to overcome. Every day, women and men are beating breast cancer–not because of luck, but because we choose to make a difference. typesTriggerPoint