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Baby Sea Turtles Rockin the Gulf

Nature is pretty amazing. We keep hitting it with our best destructive shot trying to destroy the planet, and Mother Nature might be on the ropes, but she comes back out on top every time. We are overdue for some good news from the Gulf, and there actually is some. Since the BP oil disaster, wildlife officials have just declared the waters of the Gulf of Mexico safe for young sea turtles. The young hatchlings reside on the surface of the water, and since surface oil abatement has been most effective (not so much the dispersed and suspended oil, but surface cleanup is going pretty well), that level can again support life. Additionally, thousands of turtle eggs that were rescued from the spill zone beaches and relocated to Cape Canaveral are now hatching in strong numbers. Most of those hatchlings are being released in the Atlantic Ocean waters instead of the Gulf to maximize their chances of survival.

Barbara Schroeder, the national sea turtle coordinator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, helped plan the desperate rescue. This was an unprecedented effort designed to keep thousands of newly hatched turtles from swimming straight into the gulf’s toxic oil. Biologist, sea turtle specialist, and turtle “midwife” (as described in the St. Petersburg Times) Jane Provancha, said, “It’s not exactly cutting-edge science. It’s mostly just a dramatic conservation action. It’s probably the best action under the worst circumstances.”

Here is the link to CharityGuide and their volunteer opportunities for sea turtle rescue and conservation.

Here are the international volunteer and job listings from

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Gulf Oil Spill Options for Helping

OK–mobilizing to do something to help this situation is SO important, and there are ways to support cleanup efforts from near and far. You needn’t book a flight or slip on waders to move the effort forward–and, of course, if you can–brilliant! This is going to take a long time and a lot of financial support to make a dent in the effects of what is becoming our nation’s worst environmental disaster. Luckily, we can be comforted by super-wise rocket scientist, Rush Limbaugh, when he tells us this oil spill is as natural as ocean water, and nothing to worry about. Comforting, right? As he so often is…(I sure hope the sarcasm is evident)


Call (toll-free) to report if you come across animals affected by the oil: 1-866-557-1401.

Audubon Action Center (anticipates needing volunteers for next 12 weeks). Will facilitate finding appropriate tasks based on experience and expertise. You can’t just go out with a bucket and sponge to try and clean up animals.

Deepwater Horizon Response latest news and volunteer response options.

Environmental Protection Agency response to the BP oil spill.

Global Green spill volunteers in the Gulf.

Oil Spill Volunteers Cleanup in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Oiled Wildlife Care Network Louisiana Oils Spill outreach.

Sierra Club Disaster Relief volunteers for the Gulf.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is ready to take in birds in crisis, but needs donations and support to help the avian hospital keep up with the need.

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research spill response.


Alabama Governor Oil Spill response.

Mobile Baykeeper needs support.

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program Gulf spill information.


Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana oil spill recovery volunteer sign up.

Greater New Orleans Foundation Disaster in the Gulf Fund welcomes your donations.

Volunteer Louisiana volunteer response from the state.


Biloxi, Mississippi Volunteers for coastal cleanup.

Pascagoula River Audubon Center will train volunteers to wash oiled birds.

There are other ways to support no matter where or who you are. This is a dire injury our planet is suffering–we can help.