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Alice Rallies All of Us: #Alice’sBucketList

Alice Pyne and Mabel

My apologies for the radio silence of late–had a little health scare and was in the hospital for a few days, but am definitely on the mend and feeling better every day now.

Because of my days immersed in healthcare and all its foibles (and GREAT nurses, in my case), I am drawn to the recent super-trending story of Alice Pyne in Ulverston, England. Alice has gained international attention for her blog, Alice’s Bucket List. Alice is a 15-year-old girl with cancer. She has been fighting it for four years, and with incredible grace that just guts me, she has come to the understanding that she’s not going to win this fight. Alice has created a Bucket List of things she is anxious to accomplish in the time she has, with fantastic experiences she longs for, like “To Swim With Sharks,” “To Be a Dolphin Trainer,” and “To Meet [the band] Take That.” Alice’s number one wish is for everyone, and she does mean everyone, to sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor. A donor match can save a life. One-to-one, you being responsible for the survival of another, and without you, they will not make it. It is an awesome responsibility and honor. Alice’s work for awareness is huge.

Respond to the international movement started by this young woman, by finding the marrow donation center nearest you, and put yourself on the list. It is easier than you think.

Be the Match

Get Swabbed

Shannon Tavarez

I’ve written before about bone marrow donation. How it is a huge necessity, a huge gift, but not as huge a sacrifice for the donor as it once was (and may still seem in our imaginations). The important thing is to get as many people on the donation register as possible. You are statistically likely to register then spend the rest of your life never being a match for someone in need. But what if you were? What if that one person that could likely die without your help, could be saved? By you.

Sign up to receive an easy Q-tip-like swab kit you simply wipe in your mouth, on the inside of your cheek, and mail back so they can test and establish your donor profile. That’s it, for now. Nobody is going to stick you with anything sharp. It is just getting yourself in the computer bank so that if a match ever comes up, you will be notified that you can be the answer for another. But for now, just register.

This little girl in the photo above and video below, Shanon Tavarez, just made her Broadway debut as Little Nala in The Lion King a handful of weeks ago. Then, in April, was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. She needs a bone marrow donor to save her life, and is currently undergoing chemo every day. That’s the face to this. It isn’t hypothetical, it is real, and your impact on the world is real when you reach out this way.