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Blog For Change

1129275_17264501I know there are lapses in my intention to blog daily, and there are certainly a zillion other information input sources tap-tap-tapping at your eyes/ears/brain wanting your attention…but my goal is to always inspire a new way to see or interpret the world and your place in it, and encourage you to be active in the role you play.

Of course, you are already a great whirling cloud of inspirations and passions and things that light you up and, at least occasionally, make you jump up out of bed in the morning (maybe not as much on a Monday). If you want to share them, think about the potential of more blogging–the blog you create yourself. A new platform host for free blogs gathers writers of content specifically designed to inspire positive change in the world. Blog4Change

Maybe it is crazy to promote others doing the same thing I’m trying to do…but I don’t think so. I think the more the merrier–and anyplace you can find a spark of inspiration–it is a brilliant thing. And if you can share it with others—that’s what spins the world. SO bookmark me before you go over there via the link above (I’d miss you, you know), and keep looking for bumps of passion in your days. They are always there…just hiding sometimes…frequently quite well hidden on a Monday.