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Here’s another movie that’ll never make it to my small town cinema–but if you get the chance, see it when it opens this fall (and if you miss it on the large screen–a plus for the amazing Amazonian scenery–rent it).

For three years, filmmaker Joe Berlinger has been trying to bring the story of the “Chernobyl of the Amazon” to light. The involvement of Sting and Trudie Styler helped get the word out, and when the movie premiered at Sundance and other film festivals this year, it really grabbed the attention (and disturbed, as it was designed to) plenty of crowds.

It is the story of the indigenous people of the Amazon vs. Big Oil companies, and the struggle for justice in the face of unmanageable pollution and a homeland made toxic. I’ve been to the Amazon more than once–it is otherworldly and to tamper with it, and furthermore endanger it, is not only foolish (so many of our prescription drugs are sourced from nature here, and many scientists believe the only hope for an eventual cure for cancer will be discovered here) it is unforgivable.

Fascinating, infuriating, and hopefully inspiring in the way that we have to act because to not do so is simply too uncomfortable.