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Puppy Therapy

sleeppuppyThis is my kind of slumber party! This vacation idea for the whole family makes me happy and want to go right now.

The Quail Park Lodge in Kanab, Utah, is a funky, 60s-retro, roadside lodge kind of place that makes you think of long drives and amazing tourist traps like weird petting zoos, cheeseball theme museums, and greasy hamburgers at diners along the highway.

The lodge has a new “Puppy Therapy” program for volunteer travelers that is too good to pass up. Guests come to the lodge, and can volunteer for a day (or more) at the nearby Best Friends Animal Society, the nation’s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. You may help for the day with ranch chores, feeding, watering, cleaning, and giving lots of love and attention to dogs, cats, horses, sheep, rabbits, and more—there are about 2,000 animals there on any given day. When you come “home” to the lodge after your fulfilling (and probably exhausting) day, you can bring one of the shelter dogs with you for a sleepover in your room. You get a night with a fabulous furry friend, and the dog gets a night of love and attention and socialization that gets them better prepared for someday being adopted into a permanent home.

Can I leave immediately? I can be there by dinnertime!