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Sorry for my absence from blog posts–I was in northern Idaho on the Nez Perce Indian reservation in Lapwai, having an amazing time with some amazing young people, doing a documentary film project I can’t wait to share.

While I was gone, there was a launch for a website I’ve been eagerly anticipating. Over the summer, as I was preparing to return to Haiti for some volunteering, a friend said to me “I have to put you in touch with my friend, Bryn Mooser.” I did one of those, “Yeah, cool, sounds great” things not knowing anything about Bryn–or knowing that he is a mover and shaker extraordinaire, with a particular focus on Haiti and its recovery. When he is not rattling the cages that need to be rattled and inspiring actual effective recovery efforts, Bryn has been working feverishly with a partner to launch the new news site,

RYOT is a refreshing online source for news stories, all embedded with links for ways you can take action immediately, from charities addressing the story reported, to ways to volunteer, donate, sign petitions, register to vote, and more. Breaking news becomes a call to action, because in real life, the story doesn’t end when the reporter finishes reporting. Become the news, get involved—Ryot connects you with those who are making the biggest impact in the areas that concern you most. The coverage of the storm on the East Coast alone is enough reason to log on and surf the site. Don’t be a passive recipient of the news–it is our world, to do with what we will…and a portion of each week’s proceeds is donated to the cause of the week. So click, and make a change.