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Wiggle Your Toes–It’s One Day Without Shoes

It’s a bit gray and rainy here this morning, and spring hasn’t quite warmed us up yet for the season, so the invitation to spend the day without shoes seems a bit daunting. It’s not a surprise that I am a card-carrying member of the Blake Mycoskie fan club, and his paradigm-shifting company, TOM’S Shoes. The funky, simple shoes themselves have achieved cult status (I’m wearing my gray Botas right now–until I kick them off for this day). The company really set into motion what has become a well-known framework for sustainable giving–their One for One program, where, for every pair of shoes you buy, another pair of shoes is given to a child in need. The volunteer options are amazing, and the road to success of the company and the philanthropy if engenders is a roadmap for others.

Today, April 5, is One Day Without Shoes, a global barefoot movement to bring attention to the issues of those who have no choice, and the diseases and problems that can arise from having no protection for your feet. It gets people talking, makes people aware, and certainly makes us grateful for what we have. Just one day…no shoes.