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Endangered Big Cat Volunteering

I’m going to bet you don’t yet have a stamp from Oman in your passport. Here’s a chance to get one.

Biosphere Expeditions has a 12-day research/volunteer trip to Oman to help leading researchers with their work trying to study and protect the endangered Arabian Leopard. This isn’t a safari or tour, but a working volunteer vacation for a conservation project in the remote Dhofar region. This mountainous area is one of the last remaining habitats for the sleek cats.

The scientific team leading the expedition is from the Royal Omani Court, and they will train you in field techniques as you track, research, set camera traps, and add to the existing base of knowledge to hopefully reverse the decimation of these regal leopards.

You’ll get dirty, you’ll have unexpected moments of magic and grace in the field, and you’ll work in a new (to you–I’m still betting) area with an international team of passionate fellow volunteers and experts.

Hmmmm–what do I wear to Oman?

Biosphere Expeditions

turtleTin or Aluminum—those are the traditional gifts to celebrate the tenth anniversary (Really? Here Dear…here’s a can…or some lovely foil)

2009 is the ten year anniversary of the launch of conservation travel company, Biosphere Expeditions. Keep your tin pie pan, but think about using Biosphere for vacation planning. This UK-based charitable holiday company has several trips in destinations not well-covered by other voluntour providers. In addition to animal projects in Brazil, Peru, or Honduras, more esoteric offerings include: A snow leopard conservation excursion in the Altai in Central Asia; Arabian leopards in Oman; Whales, dolphins, and sea turtles in the Azores; and wolves and lynx in Slovakia.

Projects are always designed and run by local scientists so you’ll avoid that whole overlording-experts-from-far-away-telling-local-communities-what-they-need dynamic. Immerse yourself in a two-week project, a briefer one-week program, or “taster” weekends, if the boss won’t give you enough time off.

Happy Anniversary!