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Angel Faces: Support Beyond Compare

1376728_89968538I’m hoping to do volunteer work this summer at a camp for children who are survivors of serious burn injuries…because of the perpetual thinking I have been doing about this plan, if I hear even a whisper about other programs dedicated to burn survivors, my attention is grabbed instantly.

Angel Faces is a non-profit that provides healing retreats and ongoing support for adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries. Angel Faces retreats are spa days held annually in Southern California. Teen girls come from all over America and beyond, for seven days of increasing self-confidence and self-image while embracing their trauma and the resulting disfigurement. Group sessions,art, journaling, role play on how to handle stares and teasing, goal setting, yoga, swimming, and hiking are all part of this powerful experience. Therapeutic massage and facials, as well as private consultations with corrective cosmetologists help to address amazing growth and breakthroughs. The kind of soaring that spirits do during this week is something any of us would want to be a part of, and passionate, dedicated volunteers make the events run smoothly. Go to the website to look around, be inspired, wipe your eyes, and support Angel Faces. It makes such a huge difference.