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Adirondack Youth Climate Summit

In light of the storm beating the East Coast has endured and the subsequently renewed worldwide conversations about climate change, it is a particularly charged, and vital, time for the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit (November 14 and 15). This annual conference forges partnerships between The Wild Center, the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), and international scholar and experts on the environment. A consortium of high school students from 28 high schools and colleges in the New York and Adirondack regions, the summit has a history of inspiring young participants to return to their home communities and undertake such projects as creating school gardens to provide food for their cafeterias, creating and expanding recycling and composting programs, updating energy saving equipment at their schools, doing energy audits and carbon offset studies for their schools, and engaging in deep discovery conversations about sustainability in their communities.

It is an energizing weekend of breaking barriers and finding new ways to think about, and take action for, the environment, leading to inspiration for a generation that will steward the planet in a way that we can hope and dream will be more responsible than what we have done for them thus far.