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Happy Birthday!

It’s a Boy! Two actually…

Red Wolf Pup  5-7-10

The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem New York is one of those places that makes me most proud of the area where I live. They are truly extraordinary people who staff and volunteer there, and the programs they have with the “Ambassador Pack” of gray wolves as well as the extremely endangered Red Wolves that they are trying to bolster and breed for a comeback, are outstanding. The Alpha wolf of the Ambassador Pack, Apache, passed away recently–a subject causing much distress and sadness at my house…but everything is all Circle of Life-ish, and Thursday, twin pups were born to one of the pairs of Red Wolves. The announcement is below…now THAT’S a cool Mother’s Day event!
We are so thrilled to announce that on May 6, 2010 Wolf Conservation Center staff discovered that our on-exhibit red wolf breeding pair had pups!  “Mama Wolf” F1397 and “Papa Wolf” M1483 welcomed their very first litter of pups sometime very early that morning.  The litter consists of 2 wolves, both male, and each no larger than a Russet potato.  With about 300 red wolves in the world, these pups are a valuable addition to a critically endangered species.

To help support the WCC and celebrate the birth of these pups, you can “adopt” a pup.  Adopt a pup for yourself or offer a great gift to a friend or family member!  We offer several adoption levels.  No matter what the level, each adoption kit includes an 8×10 pup photo, pup biography, adoption certificate and a subscription to our newsletter.  Every supporter who chooses to adopt at the $100 level will be automatically entered in our “behind the scenes” raffle.
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