Be My Eyes App is a Visionary Volunteer Opportunity

clip art of blind woman walking with caneHere is a fantastic concept that allows you to log in and volunteer whenever you have some time to be helpful to those who are blind or visually impaired, all around the world.

Be My Eyes is a free app you load on your phone. Log in whenever you can be available or are inclined to lend your sight to someone in need. A blind person will access the app wherever they are when they need help or visual feedback in a situation…a video chat is initiated…you see what they are up against via their phone camera, and describe it to help them. It might be checking the expiration date on a carton of milk, reading the label on a prescription bottle that got mixed up, guiding toward the elevator button, or describing their surroundings when they got off a bus at a new stop.

There are currently 12,365 blind people from around the world signed up for the service who may need to reach out at any time of day or night. Imagine how simple, and how rewarding it would be if you could truly help someone out of a jam or to keep from danger, in your spare time. It’s so simple. You can imagine the conversation, “Tip your phone up a little bit, I can’t read the sign. A little more. Perfect. Yes, that’s it–It says ‘Emergency Clinic’ and the door is directly ahead of you. It’s an automatic door but it swings toward you so step forward one more step but then wait for the door…” and so on.

Be My Eyes is a non-profit, and if you are able to be sighted help, even once, it make a difference.

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