Free Book: Adventures Less Ordinary

book cover by Inspired EscapesReady for a cool freebie?

Adventures Less Ordinary is a virtual book, brought to you by Inspired Escapes, about responsible voluntourism and service travel around the world. It is a collection of writings from several experts in the field of travel to do good, how to proceed when choosing a giveback adventure, and warnings of what to avoid when trying not to be scammed or accidentally doing more harm than good.

Those who want to have authentic travel experiences and genuine cultural connection will glean a lot from 24 insightful authors— travel industry insiders, travel writers, philanthropy experts, and foundation leaders.

As time has gone on and voluntourism and service travel have become more popular, the road has grown more treacherous with false companies trying to make a buck off your best intentions and other pitfalls. When I first began writing about this topic, there was far less need to be wary and far fewer folks preying on giving hearts.

Whatever you do, don’t be turned off to the idea of making a difference, just be sure to seek deep knowledge about how volunteer programs are created, who initiated the project and decides on metrics for success, where money you spend goes, and other smart questions you would want to know about any kind of travel.

The free download link is here.

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  1. This is amazing AND inspiring!

    Thank you!!


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