Volunteer to Work at the Olympics in Rio 2016

14-rio-2016Volunteer application opportunities have just opened up for those who want to work at the Olympic Games and/or the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016. Applications will be accepted from today through November November 15, so act now if you want to be one of the many, many dedicated souls who make Olympic magic happen.

Volunteers are needed for myriad roles, including Ceremonies Production, Customer Service, Health Services, Operational Support, Press & Communication, Protocol and Languages, Sports, Technology, and Transport. The volunteer squad will number about 70,000 individuals! 

It’s kind of a big deal, with many steps and interviews and training along the way, but what a hoot to be able to say at your next get together with friends that YOU are going to be helping make the Olympics happen. They even need volunteers to be in the “cast” of performers/dancers/marchers/etc for the opening ceremonies!

There is online training, then later, in-person training, and you get a full uniform specific to your volunteer placement, certificate of appreciation, local transportation, meals on days you work, exclusive gifts, and a whole slew of international friends and colleagues. You must be 18 years old by February 28, 2016, and be available for ten days during the Olympic or Paralympic Games. You are responsible for your own travel and housing during your stay, so start your planning early…like today! Full information and Frequently Asked Questions here

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